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How to Test Fake Flash Memory with H2 Test Software?
The same version 1.4 has been in use since 2008 and has never been updated, which just goes to prove the reliability of Mr
Bogenholz's awesome burn-in testing program.
Insert the flash memory device that will be tested and open the H2 program.
Using the Select Target button, choose the drive letter corresponding with the flash memory device.
Once selected, leave "Data volume: all available space" selected and "endless verify" unselected. Basically leave as is.
Click the "Write + Verify" button to begin the testing.
H2 will "burn-in" the full capacity of data into the flash memory device, and then verify the burned-in data.
If there are errors, chances are the flash is faulty or has been upgraded to a fake capacity.
As long as the flash IC has been attached onto a PCB with a controller, it is possible the memory has already been faked.
Each time flash memory exchanges hands post SMT production, from half finished PCBA, to finished product QC,
or the end distributor's inspection; H2 is there every step of the way to verify the memory capacity.
Hopefully the champ can continue to defeat all of the most sophistaced hackers and upgraders to ensure everyone
gets the memory capacity that they paid for.